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If You're Tired Of Too Many Mr. Wrongs, I Can Show You How To Find Mr. Right In 90 Days Or Less.

I'm Dr. Raquel Miranda, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in helping women find their soulmates in 90 days or less.

Let's start by defining SOULMATE.

You might have the notion that each of us has one (and only one) person in the entire universe with whom we are meant to establish a kind of perfect relationship.

But the women who work with me discover that the FEELING of finding your soulmate arises WHENEVER you locate a partner with whom you connect on MULTIPLE LEVELS.

Even more important, the feeling of finding a SOULMATE occurs whenever you find a partner who matches the connection points that are MOST IMPORTANT to you.

(This is why it's important to first differentiate those connection points that are non-negotiable for you from those that are not truly essential.)

So the truth is that each of us has MANY, MANY partners with whom we can feel a SOULMATE CONNECTION, as long as we connect in ALL of the ways that are MOST IMPORTANT TO US.

That's what my program is all about – identifying your most important connection points and then following my step-by-step approach to predictably find and build a healthy relationship with your SOULMATE IN 90 DAYS OR LESS.

Working with you on a 1-on-1 basis via Zoom, I will show you:

  • How to stop attracting the same kind of men who don't fulfill your needs

  • The most powerful steps you can take to begin attracting your ideal partner

  • How to attract the kind of partner who will be as committed to a long-term relationship as you are

  • How to identify the behaviors that are keeping you in a cycle of unsatisfying relationships

  • How to properly utilize dating apps and websites to connect with your ideal partner (even during the pandemic)

  • How to build the foundation for a lasting relationship with your ideal partner, once you have found him.

I encourage you to read my client stories below to get a sense of what can be achieved through my program.

The next step is to book a FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION with me, during which I will help you uncover the thought patterns that have been stopping you from achieving the kind of relationship you really want. 


More important, I'll paint you a crystal clear picture of how I can help you find your soulmate in 90 days or less.

I only accept three new clients per month, so space is extremely limited.  Please don't hesitate!  Schedule your FREE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION with me right now.



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Jill B., Milwaukee, WI

I am so grateful for the chance to work with Dr. Raquel! I have learned so much about myself, including my own limiting beliefs when dating. Dr. Raquel’s approach is almost mathematical (I know that sounds weird in reference to dating, but believe me, it really works!) and now I am laser focused on the traits I want and those I must avoid in a potential partner.  Now that I better understand how I may have come off to men, it’s a wonder I ever had a boyfriend at all before.  I’m in a new relationship that is going incredibly well right now, and it’s possible he might even be my soulmate.