Of course you want to know more about me ­– who I am, whether I have the qualifications and experience to help you transform your love life, whether I’m someone with whom you feel you can connect.

Until a few years ago, I was living a life similar to many Costa Ricans, completing my psychology degree and planning to get a job as a school psychologist.


Chances are you would not be reading my story at all had I not responded on a whim to an intriguing personal ad a number of years ago.


It turns out that the gentleman who ran that ad was not a crazed stalker, but a kind, warm, creative and wonderful American entrepreneur who eventually became my husband. 


Yes, he is a bit older than me. 

Maybe I have always been attracted to older men – their experience, confidence, wisdom and charm.  I happen to think my husband Harvey is absolutely extraordinary, even among older men.

Harvey encouraged me to expand my psychology practice worldwide and to add life coaching to my list of credentials.

Initially, my clientele were mostly women seeking more fulfilling careers.

But then Harvey encouraged me to pursue my lifelong passion for art and fashion by becoming a certified image consultant through the prestigious Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain.

Harvey was my first client, with before and after photos below:

If you are like most people, you may find it hard to believe that Harvey is 60 years old in the "after" photo above.  But I swear that he is.  One of Harvey's great pleasures in life is being forced to show his ID to prove his age (or else people he meets are convinced he's much younger and just pulling their leg about being in his 60's.)

Harvey's friends were so awestruck by the transformation I helped engineer that I very quickly had a stream of mature men requesting their own makeovers.

The more I got to know these gentlemen, the more I discovered that with a little relationship coaching on top of the style makeovers, they were able to create much more satisfying love lives for themselves than they had ever known before.

I was surprised to learn just how many mature men could benefit from my expertise.

You might be one of them.

Read my client stories and you will get a better idea of the kind of the transformations that are possible if we decide to work together.

Then click on the button below to schedule a free strategy session with me. 


In a no-cost, no-obligation 30 minute call, I'll be able to better understand your situation and goals, and to determine whether you are a good fit for my coaching program.  

Please don't hesitate!  The love you really desire might be just around the corner!