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Change Your Look. Change Your Mindset.

Change Your Life.

Let's face it.  If you were feeling completely happy and content with your life right now, you would likely not be reading this.

The good news is that taking the first step of seeking help to achieve the life you imagine for yourself speaks volumes about your desire and capacity to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

If you have an appetite for reinventing yourself, I can guide you every step of the way.

Want to launch your own business?  Done.

Want to lose 50 pounds?  Done.

Want a more fulfilling career?  Done.

Want to look fabulous?  Done.

Want a more healthy, loving relationship?  Done.

Have no fear.  I'm not a Pollyanna.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (as well as a certified image consultant) with a track record of successfully coaching my clients to their goals in less time than they thought possible.

I will push you and I will inspire you and most of all I will be there to pick you up when you feel defeated.

Read my client stories below and you will get a better idea of the kind of positive changes those who work with me have experienced, and what kinds of transformations are possible if we decide to work together.

If you are ready to reinvent yourself, you can take advantage of a full year of my life coaching and image consulting for only $2880 (payable at $240 per month) through August 12, 2020. (Regularly $5400).

Just imagine what we could achieve together in a full year!  That's enough time to resolve career and relationship issues, as well as to perfect your style, grooming, physical presentation and mindset.  A whole new you!

Not ready to commit to a year-long transformation?  That's ok.  Some clients seek my input only relative to wardrobe and grooming choices, while others prefer scheduling life coaching sessions one at a time.


I can customize my approach depending on your needs, and I can provide anything from a short term coaching program to a color/style analysis to a simple review of your closet to taking you online shopping and putting together a new wardrobe.

The next step is a complimentary consultation, during which I'll help you define your goals more clearly and develop a success plan tailored to your unique situation. It's a way to see whether we connect on a personal level without cost or obligation.




Mandy W., Seattle, WA

Raquel is a remarkably intuitive coach, and she was able to quickly see through my normal defenses. In spite of the fact that I had risen to the vice president level in the tech industry, I was still doubting myself, which left me without the grit and self-confidence to do what was necessary to truly break through the glass ceiling. After about 5 months of working with Raquel, I received a promotion to senior vice president and an accompanying 25% compensation increase. I highly recommend Raquel to any woman with huge career aspirations.

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